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Letterpressing is gorgeous and our favorite! We love the process the look and feel and the organic nature.  The entire production and method from beginning to end is very different from what you see on your monitor via online browsing and digital printing that people are so used to these days.  We produce on original antique machines; the outcome includes irregularities that are inherent to the process.  And the print method is not an exact science, so a press run will often yield non-identical results, allowing each piece to be somewhat unique. Quite often there are variations in inking, color, position and impression that are part of what makes letterpress beautiful and, in its own right, perfect.  We transfer our digital design to reverse images on metal, photopolymer and/or copper plates. And those plates are attached magnetically to our press. The plates are delicately inked with rollers and the plates stamp each individual piece of paper involved in the suite. Color are stamped 1 at a time. For instance, for a 5-color invitation, there are 5 plates produced and 5 press runs.



Similar to letterpress, plates are produced, and text/art is forced press into paper but, in this case without ink



Plates are produced.  Similar to the debossed look + feel and without ink but, text & art is raised up off the paper. There is bruising on the reverse side of the stock with a 3-dimensional, subtle outcome.



Plates are produced and the process is similar to blind embossing, Text & art is raised up off the paper. There is bruising on the reverse side of the stock with a 3-dimensional, outcome, but in the case the process is done after ink/foil has been laid so the raised embossing has color.



Engraving is one of the oldest forms of printing and sets the standard for print quality. Engraved text is raised up from the paper. Engraving creates finely detailed lettering and designs, with slight indentations on the reverse side of the paper; all conveying an unspoken message of timeless distinction. Text and design are etched into a copper engraving plate called a die. Ink is applied to the die and wiped off the surface but the remains in the engraved cavity. A counter, cut to approximately the size of the engraved letters, concentrates the pressure of the press, forcing paper into the etched cavity of the die.



Flat printing refers to printing directly onto stock from the computer image. Laser, ink jet and digital printing are included in the process. Plates are not produced, ink is not mixed and all colors can be printed simultaneously.



We offer these services as well.

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